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Measuring and Installation For Floor Murals


When measuring floors, the width would be from right to left and the length would be from front to back.

Measurements should be entered in feet and decimals(decimal can be derived by dividing inches by 12.

Measure entire room as if a rectangle or square.


  1. Make sure floor surface is smooth and free of dirt or grease.
  2. Lay out out floor mural to check size and overlap.
  3. Mark the floor surface to ensure accurate placement.
  4. Gently peel backing from first section of floor mural.
  5. Spray soapy water on surface of floor and back of mural.
  6. Place mural and line up marks. Squeegee excess soapy water and work out bubbles.
  7. Continue with all pieces in the same manner until mural is on floor.
  8. Remove overlap and remove top and lower excess pieces. Trim edges. 

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